Tradition and legacy is poured into every bowl at BCD Tofu.

The BCD Story starts with Hee Sook Lee, first generation Korean immigrants who loves to cook and share with her family. Her mother-­in-­law owned a restaurant in “Bukchang Dong” (city in Korea, which BCD is named after), where Mrs. Lee gained early training in food industry. After immigrating to America, Mrs. Lee chose to focus on Soon Tofu among thousands of other Korean foods, due to its superb taste and health benefits. She has a vision to be succeessful in America, and is building her dream one bowl at a time.

Started from one branch in 1996, BCD now has 13 branches. BCD was inspired by a passion to spread Korea’s wonderful cuisine around the World. BCD continues to focus on its taste, health benefits, food quality and much more.